2015 Year in Review

Last year I posted my 2014 in review, and set my goals for 2015. Here’s the list of goals from 2015 and my progress!

-Travel! Get out and get inspired! Make plans to visit some of the restaurants I most admire:

I had the opportunity to help run the kitchen of a newly opened bistro in Grignan, France for 3 months! Travelled for 2 weeks across France sampling, incredible food, pastries and produce. Ate at and learned in the kitchen of a Michelin star restaurant for the first time. Met many wonderful people along the way!


-Gain more line experience. Continue my apprenticeship and learn more fundamental skills from Chefs at school and at work:

Completed my apprenticeship, graduated George Brown College with honours and two scholarship awards! Learned more fundamental skills with line work. Collaborating and creating for a daily prix fixe menu in a small 2 person kitchen in France was a great challenge in forecasting production and staying organized! Throughout the year I worked with many talented colleagues and Chefs.


-Bake more at home and professionally.

Observed French pastry techniques at Le Clair de La Plume. Picked up sourdough and other techniques from Tara Davidson at Detour Cafe. Practiced different desserts for the daily menu at Lulu Hazard and developed recipes at Tree House Kitchen.

_DSC0632 copy

-Teach a cooking class for kids:

S.H.E. Self Esteem, Health and Emotions with Tree House Kitchen– connecting with a group of girls, helping teach them roast chicken, create-your-own vinaigrettes, safe herb chopping techniques.


-Buy more food styling props and shoot more at home when testing recipes.

When possible, I was shooting with new props and concepts.


-Develop my creative vision with food, photography and writing. Connect and collaborate with peers, locally and globally using blogging and social media.

Practiced more travel writing in Nyons, and with more writing about Toronto eating trips. I wish that there was more time for me to post while in France, but I will continue to share in the future. This goal is ongoing- but I am happy to see the results of this focus on my food styling and photography!

Ontario pickerel with beet puree, queen anne's lace, pea shoots, dill vinaigrette

-Start an instagram account.


-Obtained my first aid certification.

-Work toward my Red Seal! :

Completed my apprenticeship paperwork, became a journey person and registered for my examination in February 2016.

Thanks for following my journey! What did you accomplish in 2015? What are your goals for 2016? 

My 2016 goals:

-Refine teaching and leadership skills at Tree House Kitchen
-Gain more restaurant line experience
-Refine baking and pastry arts skills
-Take a wine/pastry class
-Continue volunteering/social activism
-Continue to travel, absorb local flavours, make new friends! Make plans for my next stage.
-Write on the blog more regularly, share more photos of food and travel
-Self-publish a small recipe booklet to sell at craft fairs with other art projects
-Work towards French fluency, practicing on duolingo.com

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  1. Chef Nancy Henley says:

    you GO girl!! Such a pleasure working with you!

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