On Kensington Market

Kensington Market Toronto

Kensington Market Toronto

Fluffy arepas, spots of charred corn crust. Sweet and savoury plaintain. The salted fat of fresca cheese. Herby sauce, cilantro, green chilies. Tomatillo.

Kensington Market Toronto Arepa

Standing at a counter lost in a plastic tray with checkered paper. After eating, the musty memory of a corn tortilla sitting on my tongue. Lips heavy with spice. The satisfication of the fat from avocado. Crunchy pork carnitas, slow cooked then fried to a crisp. The porks charred crust armored in spices coating the top of my mouth and the sides of my tongue. Acidic tomatoes. The taste of green: Cactus, sweet, tomatillos, tart.  Again…the musty sweetness of tortillas pushing all of this flavour forward.

Seven Lives Fish Tacos

It’s minus 15 outside and my toes feel giant with cold inside of my boots but I forget about it quickly. Walking into the wind, talking about the flavours on our tongues.

Kensington Market Fruit Stand


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  1. It all sounds delicious, very jealous!


    1. Thank you! One day you will have to visit!

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    2. and thank you for the follow!

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