Food and Nature

Beef demi glace beautyForest floorHam stockDundas Peak Salad in SunlightSunlight through the Trees

I have been so busy with school it’s been hard to keep up with blogging. There is lots of material to share from the past few weeks though! Today’s post is a photo essay about the connection between nature and food. For my food theory class, I have been reading Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma. The book raises questions about the effect of humanity on the natural world. Are humans part of nature, or have we separated ourselves from it by evolving adaptations such as agriculture and cooking? What are the consequences of this separation from the natural world? We are certainly seeing an impact in climate, food chains and food sources. What will the future of food look like?

A lot is sacrificed in the process of creating food so I think it’s important to pay respect to the source of your food. Cooking affords you the opportunity to transform the inedible into something beautiful and life sustaining. From fabricating primal and sub-primal cuts into usable pieces of meat, and utilizing offal. By creating stocks and sauces from the bones of your animals. Filling pots with vegetable ends and mushroom stems for vegetable stock. These techniques are an integral part of conscious eating.

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