Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart Pie
Follow Your Heart
Pot Shadows
A Set Table
Knees aching from the hours spent on the line, I find happiness in: the perfected flip of the pan, eggs end-over-end landing softly onto a bed of themselves. Swirling the vortex of vinegar water to cradle a poached egg and then spooning a velvety drape of hollandaise over it. Strips of pablano pepper sliced into neat squares. The finality in the rhythm of the food up on the pass, chit down, bell dinged.

I find inspiration in: the scraps of paper filled with eager ideas, flavours, textures, concepts. The grease spotted recipes, scribbled over. Discovering new worlds of possibility,  new combinations and techniques. The laughter and din of conversation following a meal.

All of these reminders: follow your heart, even when your body gets weary.

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