A Farewell to Summer in Photos

This summer was one of growth for myself: 3 months of apprenticeship classes, a new job recipe testing and photographing food at the Treehouse Kitchen. The warm weather may be leaving but I am still excited for what the rest of the year will bring, with a new job opportunity and more. 🙂

Summer Produce
Farmer’s market haul

Camping Eggs

Camping Breakfast

Hamilton Tomatoes
Ontario tomato salsa made with cilantro, black pepper, hot sauce, sea salt, nasturtium leaves and red wine vinegar.

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  1. Lovely photos. Treehouse Kitchen to me is the name of a food blog that I used to love but the writer moved away and abandoned the blog. It still stirs up a nostalgic feeling in me of great food and really great food writing. I hope your Treehouse Kitchen has the same qualities.


    1. It’s always sad to lose a good food blogger.
      As for this Treehouse: For the past couple of months I have been recipe testing for a Chef who literally has a tree growing in the middle of her home. It’s a nourishing creative environment where I get to hone my cooking skills as well as practice photography and food styling. 🙂
      Thank you for your kind comment!


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