Holiday Season In Hindsight

This holiday season was busy so I didn’t even get a chance to take many photos or write this last month. Here is a quick taste of what was up in the kitchen:
Curry Crusted Salmon with Chicken CracklinCurry Crusted Salmon with Chicken Cracklin – The fatty fried chicken skin is a perfect compliment to the warm spice of this curried salmon.
Ham Glorious HamWe ended up selling 151 Christmas dinners to go which is so wonderful. I got to debone hams the size of my torso! The ham was coated in a velvety sweet maple glaze. Ham bones, bacon fat, ham fat, maple syrup, bunches of thyme and a solid dash of clove were all reduced until the mixture was thick and flavourful.
Double Smoked Cheddar Fritatta. Asaparagus and Benedictine Blue Fritatta. We had a brunch catering where we served these fritattas: One with a thick blanket of double smoked cheddar and handfuls of scallions. The other is a green and white charred asparagus fritatta topped with strong Benedictine bleu cheese.
Menu AfterI thought I’d share the menus for the caterings we did on December 6 & 7. In total there were 6 off-premise caterings and multiple pick-ups. This was probably the busiest weekend I’ve worked and it was also the biggest catering I have done solo as a chef – a 12-item hors dóuerves menu for 44 people! I think this final list after everything was done is a great way of showing what goes on behind the scenes. It’s so satisfying watching all of your hard work unfold before you, checking each item as you go and turning words into dishes. Then, having the chance to watch that food be served to people and enjoyed is a wonderful experience. It feels like magic: Going from the chaos of the kitchen and stepping into someone’s home, where you try your hardest to make it look effortless and professional. It’s such an honour to be part of people’s memories and celebrations.

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