If You Can’t Stand The Heat

I have been so excited to share these shots with all of you! Flambé!  Sometimes it feels like I’m paid to have fun!

The Taste of the Sun

The warmer weather today is making me crave spring and summer. Here are some photos of last years bountiful produce:Koike Farm Swiss Chard, Spring Onions and Sugar Beets Heirloom Orange and Purple Cauliflower and RomanescoBasil, Yellow Summer Squash and Garlic ScapesGreens and herbs

Holiday Season In Hindsight

This holiday season was busy so I didn’t even get a chance to take many photos or write this last month. Here is a quick taste of what was up in the kitchen: Curry Crusted Salmon with Chicken Cracklin – The fatty fried chicken skin is a perfect compliment to the warm spice of this…