Smoked Cream Cheese, Spring Onions, Black Serbian Truffles

Smoked Cream CheeseThe highlight of the past week was this gorgeous smoked cream cheese. After the cream cheese came off of the smoker I was looking for a creative way to illustrate that it was “smoked” without using the smoker in the picture. So I paired it with a bowl of hickory woodchips still aflame and a fresh flower from the garden for colour.
On Sunday we participated in Lakeside A La Carte , a charity event for around 500-600 people in Burlington. We prepared an hors d’ouevre which reveived great reviews from guests and from a local paper.
Starting with Koike farm long beets, I thinly sliced them on the mandolin then tossed them with shiso vinegar, olive oil and black pepper. I jokingly called it “beet carpaccio” and that name stuck. These were salted and topped with a smear of smoked cream cheese. Ken prepared bison flank with a serious spice rub, then smoked it on the smoker with hickory and some applewood for about 2 hours. This was sliced thinly against the grain and topped the beet and cream cheese. Finally, a slaw of Kohlrabi and basil topped everything off.
Smoekd Cream Cheese, Egg, Basil FlatbreadFlatbread with smoked cream cheese, basil and fried eggs.
Roasted Spring onionsThese were last week’s roasted Koike farm spring onions. They are sinfully sweet, tender and they melt like onion butter in your mouth. I especially love the charred green ends. The ends are more like scallions, and when charred have just a note of bitterness that pairs well with the sweet flesh of the bulb.
Black Serbian trufflesA few week’s ago, our good friend Hector from Only The Best Foods dropped in to deliver truffle oil, truffle paste and smoked paprika. In conversation, he brought up that he was selling some whole truffles. We some Serbian black truffles. They aren’t as fine as French truffles but they still have that earthy truffle flavour. I love the taste of truffles: all at once like mushrooms and roots and something undefinable other than “truffle”.

Thank you to my 30 followers and here’s to my 30th post!

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