Poached Yellow Plums/Currants, Benedictine Blue Cheese Biscuits, Swiss Chard

Golden Plums, Golden Currants, Red CurrantsThese are some lightly poached Ontario yellow plums, golden currants, and red currants. I love the shine of the syrup and currants reflecting the sunlight. Benedictine blue cheese Biscuits fresh out of the oven being finished off with a sprinkle of grated Bella Vitano cheese.Benedictine Blue Cheese BiscuitsRainbow Swiss ChardYuki’s rainbow swiss chard is so colourful and so flavourful. Swiss chard is one of my favourite greens. It has such an understated sweetness that is almost reminiscent of corn to me, especially in the stems. This batch had only a touch of bitterness and was tender  right to the base of the stems.

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