Koike Farms Field Greens

This is the season I wait for every year. The sun beats down, the kitchen heats up and bags of fresh produce show up at the back door.
First Harvest of SummerStanding outside as Yuki explains his offerings. The first harvest of the year is brimming with field greens.
Koike Farm Romaine Lettuce (Local Ontario)Romaine billows out of it’s bags, with unbelievably crisp leaves and tightly wound dense hearts. These aren’t your grocery store lettuce. They are the size of your head and full of flavour, freshness and moisture.
Red leaf Lettuce and Spinach (Local Ontario)Red leaf lettuce is light green with curled outer edges of red. It has a slightly bitter note and is a bit drier than romaine. We munch away on the leaves as Yuki talks.

Yuki grows the most tender spinach and kale I have ever eaten. He does not have kale yet, but brought us this beautiful giant spinach. Spinach has such a unique dirty green flavour. I eat a handful of it.

As Yuki leaves, I pick up the bags of greens and head inside. I immediately start chopping, washing and smiling. There is nothing more beautiful than knowing your salad was picked mere hours before.

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