Flourless Dark Chocolate Pâté, Blackened Marlin

Flourless Dark Chocolate PâtéLast week Ken made this ridiculously decadent flourless dark chocolate pâté. Think of the darkest chocolate fudgey brownie you’ve ever had meeting thick chocolate pudding and this is what you get.
Flourless Dark Chocolate PâtéHere’s a close-up shot in case the other one wasn’t drool-worthy enough.
Fresh MarlinDave brought us by this beautiful fresh Marlin last Thursday. I absolutely love the textures and patterns of this fish. It was blackened and served with cucumber.
Blackened Marlin with CucumberYuki brought by the first harvest (other than rhubarb) today and I have a post in the works on that!

As well, this past weekend we participated in a charity event called Vine Dining. It’s 500-600 person food and wine event which takes place on a vineyard in Niagara. I’ll have more details on that later in the week in as well.

Happy summer!

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