Purple and Green Asparagus, Roast Shoulder of Ontario Lamb, Backyard

Hmm, it seems that I post about asparagus a lot. This may be due in part to the fact that it’s one of my favourite vegetables. As well though, it is the season for fresh asparagus in Ontario! There was a small catering Saturday and the main course was seared bison tenderloin with porcini mushroom and bourbon reduction. These beautiful green and purple Canadian asparagus were charred and buttered alongside the bison. They were shiny, colorful and with a nice healthy snap of freshness. Beautiful AND absolutely delicious!
Purple and Green Canadian Asparagus 2Purple and Green Canadian Asparagus

One of my favourite meats is Ontario lamb. Ontario spring lamb is milder, more fatty and meaty than lamb from other regions. A few weeks ago we prepared a sinful roast shoulder of Ontario lamb. It was rubbed with plenty of spice, seared in a high heat oven and then slow-roasted on low heat for almost 2 hours. We served it with a pile of fresh, strong red onion to cut and accent all of that lovely fat.

Roast Shoulder of Ontario Lamb With Red OnionBack Door Hood Vent KitchenThis is just a quick shot of the backyard, looking at the kitchen and the vent. I love the contrast of colours and light at this time of day.

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