On Hamilton and Local Food, Forest Mushrooms, New Potatoes

Hamilton Alleyway

Portobellos, Oysters, Cremini For a catering this week we had to make a truffled forest mushroom pasta for 80 people.
Minted New PotatoAgain we had to make a minted new potato salad for catering. For this salad the new potatoes are boiled with plenty of mint. They are then cooled and tossed with plenty of fresh garlic chive oil and chopped garlic chives that were cooked in the oil mixture. As well they are mixed with sea salt, black pepper, a bit of cider vinegar and then brightened with a hit of dijon.  The end result is a lovely mint-scented potato with the warming depth of savoury chives, accentuated by the sharpness and body of dijon mustard.

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