Koike Farm Rhubarb, Ontario Asaparagus, Seared Rib Eye

As promised, Yuki arrived today with the first produce of the year: rhubarb! I will never forget the first spring I experienced at Chef and Wife. After a few winter months spent in the kitchen with Yuki from Koike Farm, spring arrived and he took his leave. Little did I know of the joy I would have within a few short months when his produce began to arrive. Bag upon bag of stunning greens, ranging from gigantic crisp bok choy to pungent Osaka mustard. Blue Hubbard and Kabocha squash the size of your head and twice as flavourful as they are large. On top of being a lovely person, he has a true gift for growing. This rhubarb is absolutely beautiful and will be turned into a rhubarb chutney later this week.
Koike Farm Ontario RhubarbKoike Farm Ontario Rhubarb

On the subject of local produce, here is some beautiful Ontario asparagus. It was about to be tossed with olive oil, sumac, sea salt, cracked black pepper and a solid chunk of butter. You might recognize this, as it’s a dish we do regularly and I have posted about it before. :
Ontario Asparagus with Sumac ButterLast week I caught this snapshot of a board full of rib eyes seasoned and waiting to be seared. I love the colours and textures of this. Gratuitous meat photo to follow; vegans beware:

Rosemary and Coriander Rubbed Rib EyeI’m planning for the next post to do a focus on some of the desserts we made this week. We made a Kentucky whiskey and mint syrup cheesecake that I’m dying to try once it has set!

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