Fresh Spiced Roast Ducks, Truffled Ontario Asparagus Baked Pasta, Bok Choy, Vegetable Medley

These ducks are my favourite image and dish of the day. Chef Ken picked up these two fresh ducks from the local asian market. After boiling them for a crisper skin, he rubbed them with plenty of spice and garlic, then roasted them off. The spices on the skin caramelized beautifully. I couldn’t believe the texture and taste of the fresh duck meat as it was wonderfully tender, decadent and not even a slight bit gamey. That separated duck fat-infused jus swirling in the pan is just begging to have bread dipped in it. We quartered these and sold out before the end of the day!

Baked pasta with truffle, Ontario asparagus and parmesan. This flavour combination is right up my alley with musty truffles, earthy fresh asparagus and pungent salty cheese. When it turns out just right, baked pasta is full of texture; Crunchy, charred edges give way to saucy pasta within, and I love that this one has a healthy dose of crisp asparagus on top.
If it hasn’t become clear by the amount of times it’s been photographed on the blog, I have a thing for bok choy. Ken wilted off these beautiful shanghai bok choy and choy sum stems. Afterwards, I tossed them in roasted garlic oil, sesame oil, sea salt and cracked black pepper. They’re finished with a solid bunch of thai basil chopped into rough pieces. Biting in, first and foremost you taste Bok Choy, followed by a savoury blend of roasted garlic, salt, pepper and sesame. This mouthful is brightened with notes of peppery anise from the thai basil. Om nom!
In a previous post I gave a recipe for our simple vegetable medley side dish. Here is a peek at today’s batch of vegetables because the colours were too good not to share!

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