Radishes, Red Wine Macerated Berries, Dark Chocolate Kasha Tart, New Friends

Radishes, brine, sunlight and shadows
Radishes, brine, sunlight and shadows

      A little late getting around to posting this week. Since it’s Mother’s Day weekend we’ve been busy. It’s also been a lovely week weather wise, with days getting above 20°C and consistently sunny. I already posted a picture of the pickled radishes but in honour of sunlight, here’s one more shot.

Macerated berries with red wine tea syrup

I tossed these fruit last week in a potent red wine and tea syrup. The syrup was super sweet with depth and an edge of tannin to compliment all those beautiful sweet berries and mango. I realize I don’t post about dessert nearly enough. Here’s a shot from two weeks ago that catches the motion of pouring dark chocolate ganache into a toasted kasha crust. Kasha or buckwheat toasts up to be pleasantly nutty and I would say almost a little “musty”, in a good way. After toasting we sweetened it, mixed it with butter, and pressed it into the tart shell before baking. Then comes the dark chocolate ganache: equal parts 70% dark chocolate to whipping cream, a handful of semi-sweet chips for a softer texture and a tablespoon or two of butter for shine. Fat equals flavour after all.

Pouring chocolate into toasted kasha crust
Pouring chocolate into toasted kasha crust
New friend
New friend

The other day as I took the garbage out I noticed stuff falling from the motor part of our hood system. I looked up and found a nest but we couldn’t figure out what animal was in it. A day or two ago this baby squirrel and it’s sibling were hanging out below the nest waiting for their mom to feed them. Too adorable not to share! Although I can’t understand why a mother squirrel would choose to nest next to a loud shaking motor and fan.

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