Pickled Radish, Bok Choy, Mise en Place, Roasted Pineapple

Wow! We’ve had lots of food flying around the kitchen in the past weeks. Last week after two posts I ended up having a few more images to share but didn’t get around to a third post. So I’ll share those later in the week, because some shots from today just can’t wait! It’s starting to feel like spring around here which has been fuel for food inspiration. The first batch of Ontario radishes are in so today we pickled some.

Pickling Ontario radishes in brine
Pickling Ontario radishes in brine

To me this mimics nature, a perfect pond of radishes in brine. The pickle is a sweetened cider vinegar infused with coriander, ginger and rosemary. Solidly acidic and equally sweet, it’s a perfect pairing with the peppery, fresh radishes.

Wilted bok choy with Saint Agur blue cheese

The article was also discussing bok choy so I took a few shots for him of a bok choy dish. The one he ended up choosing was a close-up shot but I am personally drawn to the composition on this one. Seasoned with rice wine vinegar and plenty of fresh black pepper, the wilted bok choy is topped with crumbles of creamy and tangy Saint Agur blue cheese.

Counter full of inspiration

This is a bird’s eye view of a counter full of mise en place from today. Because we work from a blackboard menu, we are blessed to be able to come up with dishes on the spot using ingredients such as these.

At top left is a ginger tea syrup, to the right of it is basil in olive oil, fresh thyme, flowering garlic chives, and at the bottom of the photo is an Ontario strawberry compote. All of these had some part in the dishes we created today.

Maple and butter roast pineapple with double creme brie

Finally, one of Bella and I’s favourite dishes: roasted pineapple! It was roasted in a rosemary, butter and maple glaze, then finished with double creme brie…These bad boys are drool-worthy!

Black beluga lentils, balsamic marinated tomatoes, pickled radishes and goat cheese

And as a super extra bonus addition to this post, I couldn’t help but share my dinner for tonight. One of my favourite things to do for dinner (and I’m blessed to be able to do this) is to gather bits and pieces of whatever food caught my interest during the day. Today these all happened to be things I created as well! This is plate of black beluga lentil salad, balsamic and black pepper marinated tri-tomatoes, pickled radishes and goat cheese. NOM!

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