Parsley, Roasted Red Pepper and Dill Salmon, Double Smoked Bacon Gnocchi

Herb Salmon Close-Up
Preparing Salmon with Fresh Dill and Parsley

This batch of salmon from Dave’s Fish Market was so fresh and perfect to photograph so excuse the gratuitous Salmon spam. Lots of chopped fresh dill and parsley plus some roasted red pepper puree accompanied these. When tossed in herbs and puree before searing on high heat, the salmon gains a fresh, crisp skin. The roasted red pepper puree was equal parts sweet and creamy, lending partly to a solid hit of olive oil and cream cheese.

Gnocchi in a Double Smoked Bacon Cream

We also made this decadent gnocchi.  The cream sauce is an aromatic nutmeg and rosemary scented bechamel which is punctuated with crisp bursts of pungently salty and smokey bacon.

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