Stuffed Red Peppers, Thyme, Baked Seafood Pasta

Stuffed Sweet Red Peppers

         Ken bought giant sheets of bean curd from the local Asian market. We couldn’t figure out the best way to use them. We tried using them as wraps which turned out well but people were having none of it! I guess bean curd isn’t so popular. We seasoned and baked off a few sheets, but still, not much response. Finally we threw the baked sheets in the food processor with cream cheese, bread and spices. The mixture was used to stuff these red peppers. The batch of peppers we got in this week were SO sweet so these stuffed peppers turned out incredible. Baked bean curd adds just a little bit of that umami taste in this mixture.

Fresh Thyme
Baked Seafood Pasta with Capers and Dill

         This beautiful baked pasta was made with salmon, lobster, capers and dill. It was baked in a mold and is bound by eggs and cream. Similar to a pasta al forno, but with a little spin.

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