Porcini Cream Sauce, Meatloaf with Crackling and Cheese curds, Vanilla Bean Cassis Macerated fruit

Porcini mushroom cream sauce

Today’s highlights definitely had a theme going; decadent and earthy.
Imade this lovely bechamel-based porcini cream sauce. Earthy, nutty and so so rich.

Not pictured and a personal favourite of the day was a roasted local black radish and orzo pasta dish.  The orzo starts off with a simple mushroom duxelle agli e olio. Then we tossed it with roasted black radishes and parsley. It was simultaneously nutty, earthy, musty and even a bit spicey. The black radishes, especially when roasted aren’t nearly as peppery as their red counterparts but they do lend a lovely back flavour that is uniquely radish.

   Topping everything for decadence today would have to be this beautiful beef meatloaf. We finished it off with a layer of crispy fried chicken crackling (skin) and then melted cheese curds and cheddar. This is pure comfort and indulgence!

Vanilla bean and cassis syrup macerated fruit with pink peppercorn

         We also macerated Papaya, strawberries and mandarins in pink peppercorn, vanilla-bean and cassis syrup. The pink peppercorns subtly spicy perfumed flavour is a perfect compliment to the ultra sweet vanilla-bean Cassis syrup

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